Our Mines

Iran holds the 4th rank for having the largest stone reserves in the world. Diversity of constructional stones in Iranian mines are truly remarkable which has made this country number one in terms of variety.

Onyx Mines

Pressure and temperature turns aluminum and magnesium into a brilliant stone called Onyx. Most of STONEMINER'S onyx mines are from the following quarries :


Isfahan region

Azarbayejan province


Yazd city



Limestone Mines

Marble and limestone are both favorable constructional stones in the world. Because of their chemical substances, they are quite resistant to fire and erosion too. Limestone is also used for making status and decorate historical monuments. STONE MINERS have access to the best Limestone quarries in region which are located in several locations of GCC;


Isfahan province


Travertine Mines

It can be considered as the most commonly used constructional stone in Iran. Combination of Iron and Calcium made a durable and strong material from Travertine. It is also a charming stone for export because of its variant types of color. Here are some of the main travertine quarries which MINERSTONE industrial group use to prepare Travertine slabs;


Kashan Mine

Mahalat Mine


Granite Mines

Talking about hardness and durability in high pressure situations, Granite will be the first option. It is suitable for paving, stairs, sidewalks, courtyards or swimming pools. In STONEMINERS industrial group we extract the best Granite blocks in a vast range. Below are some of our main resources of Granite;


Hamadan Granite quarry

Mashhad province

Birjand city