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Not only the type of stone and the mine which it was obtained from is important, but the way for cutting and preparing stone blocks plays a significant role on the beauty and the quality of the final slab. This skill is attainable but not without going through many years of experience in stone industry.


First choice of homeowners and internal designers for premium establishments. There is a reason that almost every famous statue and monument in the world is made of marble. Beside its natural beauty and supreme quality, remarkable durability of marble is truly remarkable.


Construction marble

Construction marble is capable of taking polish and it is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine. Maintenance is also important if you wish to keep this stone in a great look. From sculpturing to constructions, numerous applications of Marble made it a favorite stone a the world. 

Nowadays many luxury villas and establishments are made of with marble. It is considered as a stylish stone for expressing safety and wellbeing. 


Throughout history, onyx has been thought to bring powers of protection and  defensive magic. A great option in comparison to granite, marble, and other popular stone surfaces, onyx provides an stylish and modern look to any workspace. Every onyx slab is like a unique work of art. It helps a lot to brighten the room in the most appealing way

At the first glance, the natural beauty of onyx stones along with their charming backlit is the reminder of a jewelry in the building. From light colors to dark ones Onyx presents various options for the people who are looking for premium quality and magnificent material.  

Since, it is not as affordable as other stone types, we recommend it to careful people because the surface of Onyx stones may easily get etched. So the maintenance plays a significant role for Onyx owners.   


  • Counter tops
  • Back splashes
  • Table tops
  • Decorative entries
  • entrance lobbies
  • living rooms
  • Honey Onyx
  • Green Onyx
  • White Crystal Onyx
  • White tiger Onyx


It is considered as a light color type of limestone. Although, for keeping it bright and clean during the time it is necessary to be prevented acidic substance but the effort absolutely worth it.

Suitable palaces for having this great stone would be countertop, back splash and bathroom. As a strong stone it can be installed anywhere in the house but according to the mentioned precaution about keeping it out of acidic materials, it is recommended to not using it in the kitchen. 

Travertine is quite simple to clean specially when it is applied with a penetrating sealer


Granite is a highly attractive, durable and easy to care for stone that can transform your house to a luxurious palace. There is an option in the vast range of granite colors and styles for anyone.

Here are some of the benefits of Granite stones;

  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • Natural beauty
  • Variety of colors

Beside its perfection in every aspect, it is one of the easiest stones to maintain. Daily cleaning with re sealing every six months can keep this natural beauty fresh as the new. 

Although no natural stone is cheap, granite slabs are among the less expensive options per square foot for natural stone surfaces. Keep in mind that this stone is of very high quality. Granite is not a material that is weak or easy to damage. In fact, granite scores a 7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. Granite is a dense material that does not etch when exposed to acidic foods, making it a popular choice for countertops specially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Granite also has high scratch and thermal resistance. Typical heat that this stone can hold is up to the  temperatures of ±250°C (±480°F).


Limestone slabs are beautiful and glossy that are highly durable and keep their great look as long as you take care of them.  It can last for many years in a perfect shape, but similar to travertine you need to keep it out of acidic liquids because these substances can have significant negative impact on the surface of limestone. 

In addition to choose limestone for backsplashes and countertops, many countries prefer this durable and beautiful stone for paving as it is perfectly slip resistance. Limestone paving is a natural, hard wearing, stylish stone which is perfectly suited to handle all outdoor weather conditions.

the range of high quality limestone paving slabs are carefully calibrated to a consistent thickness to ensure ease and speed of installation, whilst retaining renowned properties of strength and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Polished: since it was polished in maximum level, the surface has become highly stain resistance and very shining. On the other hand it could be quite slippery wet is becomes wet. 
  • Honed: Most favorite for indoor floor design. It is polished at a certain level but still it will not get as slippery as the polished brand.
  • Tumbled: It is not the first choice for very heavy use floors. Because of its rounded corners edges and antique look many people prefer to use it in main entrances. Tumbled get a better look when it is sealed against stains.  
  • Brushed: Using wire brushing made this brand a unique one of its kind.

There are always little porous openings in the surface which are not visible to the eye but they able to absorb moisture and admit harmful particles of residue. If not removed, the stone may get cracked, discolored or chipped in the future. For preventing such unpleasant incidents to happen it is important to treat the stone with sealers at the time of installation. Remember to reapply sealers in every three to five years. Doing routine cleaning and mopping after seal treatment will guarantee the stability of your travertine’s great look in years.